Rev. Harriett Jones, Pastor

Photo of Rev Harriett JonesRev. Harriett Jones, a native Texan, attended Texas Southern University in Houston, graduating with a B.A. before moving to Hollywood to pursue a modeling career. After thirteen successful years in the business, she returned to Houston. There, she met her husband, the late Rev. Leroy Jones, Jr., and was blessed to be the mother of two children, Scotty and Cecily; and is currently the grandmother of four beautiful grandchildren: Asher, Talia, Amleht, and Zuri. Over those early years, she worked as a Probation Officer and held many other positions in the legal profession, while privately maintaining a strong volunteer presence in the local Christian Community. In 1991, the Jones family moved to the greater Austin area. Once here, Mrs. Jones continued to serve in leadership positions in various charitable organizations and Christian Ministries, eventually focusing on fundraising. In 2005, she and her husband felt led by God to establish Saving Grace Christian Bible Fellowship in Georgetown, Texas. Using its motto: "Home for the Lost. Healing for the Wounded. Hope for Everyone." as both blueprint and charter, the church actively serves the Georgetown community. Rev. Jones became Co-Pastor of Saving Grace in 2010.  In 2014, she earned her Divinity degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and was ordained; and in 2015, after the loss of her dear husband, she was asked by the church to assume the office of Senior Pastor at Saving Grace.  In 2016, Rev. Jones was invited to join the Board of the Caring Place as a Board Member. The Caring Place is a prominent charitable organization in Georgetown whose mission it is to "provide for the basic human needs of all people in our community in a welcoming, respectful and caring way". At present, she continues to sit on that Board. In 2019, Rev. Jones was named President of the Georgetown Ministerial Alliance (GMA), a position she will hold until November of 2021.  She also spearheads the annual MLK Leadership Prayer Breakfast in partnership with the Georgetown Police Department and Chief Nero, as well as continuing to serve the community wherever called, through various leadership positions. 

Rev. Jones is a gifted teacher and speaker. She offers several classes and presentations, including those below. Please contact the church at our "CONTACT US" tab above if you would like any further information on this classes, or would like to invite Rev. Jones to speak at your church or function.

CLASS - The Art of Marriage
GOAL: Teach Learners the secrets of having a long, spiritual, happy & successful marriage

CLASS - Christianity 101: What Jesus expects of His church
GOAL: Teaches young Christians the things Jesus expects of his followers. It is much more than just coming to church on Sunday,
and much more fulfilling too.

PRESENTATION - Achieving Success for Diverse Women
1. Learn how to develop a strong and committed spiritual life, and to make Godly choices in a "world," that pressures women to conform to an "ungodly lifestyle."
2. Learn how to protect ourselves, our marriages, and our children from a world of "ungodly influences."
3. Learn how to defend our spiritual beliefs and confront the attacks against our faith.
See the brochure below or download the pdf here: Achieving Success Brochure

CLASS - Jesus on Leadership
GOAL: Teaching leaders to lead the way Jesus Christ Himself led His disciples and His followers.

Testimony of Rev. Harriett Jones

Rev. Harriett Jones considers herself a personal testimony to the awesome, incredible Saving Grace of God. She had to learn to trust God at an early age upon experiencing the loss of her mother by the hand of a drunk driver. Although left with a loving and devoted father, sister and brother, the world she knew would never be the same. With the support of her family, she completed her college education at Texas Southern University in Houston, TX. Immediately after college, she moved to Hollywood, California, and became involved in a glamorous fairy tale like lifestyle that she found neither spiritually fulfilling nor pleasing to her family. Pastor
Jones had a promising career ahead of her when she was stricken with several serious illnesses and family losses. In the midst of her diligent search for inner peace and contentment, Jesus stepped in to touch her life and placed the burning desire within her heart to truly know, love and follow Him. While never allowing adversity to hinder her adamant quest in seeking to serve the Lord, she still found herself to be a Christian woman in need of victory.

Her determination in seeking the Lord and unwavering faith she would find Him, led her beyond the obstacles of illness and tragedy she endured early in life, and brought her into living victoriously through the application of God's Word to her life. She is blessed to be the loving, compassionate and constantly encouraging mother of two college graduates. Son, Scotty, who completed his MS, and daughter, Cecily, who completed her BS, are now both residing in Houston, Texas. By reaching into the depths of her existence, drawing upon the knowledge of her life experiences, and applying the wisdom of God that she prays for and receives daily, Pastor. Jones is blessed with the ability to pour unselfishly out of herself and into the lives of others.

Rev. Jones has shared in the vision of her late husband, Rev. Leroy Jones Jr., the founder and first Senior Pastor of Saving Grace Christian Bible Fellowship in Georgetown Texas. From the founding of Saving Grace, she has been wholeheartedly supportive, actively involved, and totally dedicated to every aspect of the ministry; and now, as Pastor of Saving Grace, she is carrying on the vision God has commissioned Saving Grace to be: a vehicle for providing a "Home for the Lost. Healing for the Wounded. Hope for Everyone."

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